Visiting The Netherlands – Minister of Education Culture and Science

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  • May 05, 2015
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Minister van onderwijs

Netherlands is known for its efficient and high quality education, reflected on the OECD educational rankings and the position of its research universities on the international lists for best universities. Due to its historical international orientation the Netherlands is a multi-ethnic society, making it easier to participate in daily life after class hours. Finally the Netherlands is a small country, so it is easy to organise visits to relevant organisations in the educational value chain. Having said this it was only a matter of time that Bolashak stipends from Kazakhstan understood the possibilities of the Netherlands as a place to spend their scholarships. Since three years Dutch Academic Services develops and hosts tailor made professionalization programmes for university professors from said country. Themes addressed hitherto were: Methods of Education and Corrective Pedagogics; Inclusive Education; and Training and Psychology. For theseprogrammes we teamed up with Leiden ICLON Institute for educational research and applied teaching. The concept of long term in-service training at Dutch Universities of professionals from BRICs is rather new. Therefore delegates from the first group were invited to visit the current Minister of Education, Culture and Science Dr. Jet Bussemaker. During the meeting the minister was informed about the programme and the involvement of Dutch Academic Services with educational reform and capacity building in Kazakhstan.



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