Learning Programmes

Dutch Academic Services advises on the structure and delivery of learning programmes for professionals in the private and public sector.

Standing programmes by Dutch Academic Services


Apart from our tailor-made training and capacity building projects on location, we organise ‘all-in’ learning programs in the Netherlands. Dutch Academic Services organises a complete ‘package’ which includes transport, logistics and stay for the participants. Please take a look at some of our standing projects.


“Summerschool Blended Learning”
Blended Learning is a teaching method in which face to face class sessions are alternated by online activities of students and teachers. In this intensive Summer School, international educational professionals are provided with practical tools to design and apply Blended Learning for any given teaching situation, while taking theoretical and organizational perspectives into account. The Summer School will take place from August 7th to August 13th 2016. For more information please go to www.leidensummerschool.nl


“21st Century Logistics in the Netherlands”
The Netherlands’ geographical position connects the USA and Europe’s hinterland. Due to this position the Netherlands has a long tradition being a distribution country with innovative logistics and high-level infrastructure. Many of the leading Dutch companies have their roots in logistics and distribution or became outstanding due to their ability to make use of the human and physical infrastructure networks available. Renowned logistic networks are amongst others: Schiphol Airport, Port of Rotterdam, and more recently Internet hosting. However to remain in the leading position the country is constantly revitalizing and seeking innovative business solutions. The working visits provides participants insights in this on-going quest for innovation and competitive advantages. The programme combines theory and practice of logistics and advanced technology by means of private and public funded partnerships.
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“Working Visit for Agri-Entrepreneurs: Creating Value and Partnerships”
The Dutch agricultural sector exports about € 65 billion annually. This is 17.5% of total Dutch exports, accounting for 10% of the Dutch economy and employment. Agriculture and livestock are thus one of the most profitable and innovative sectors of the Dutch economy. The government and the industry share a common goal; to optimise animal welfare and sustainability of the sector by 2023. At the end of the working visit you will have a better knowledge on production-logistics and business for livestock and agriproducts. Including: Familiarity with high-tech food and meat production processes; Familiarity with machines for livestock and arable growing;  Quality assurance and the role of government regulations to the business process; Established solid networks with Dutch agricultural experts and entrepreneurs.
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“Why (Language) Teacher Skills for the 21st Century”
(Language) Teachers face rapidly changing demands from students, parents, management, society, and business. Standardised lessons and rote learning do not suffice to master a language. Advancing technology for more cost-efficient learning is another important driver for change. In order to avoid being labelled, as ‘old school’, language teachers need to be able to adjust and autonomously renew their learning approaches and methodologies for the class room.
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